The Academy of Young Entrepreneurs is a grassroots program specifically designed for the young person who wants to get a head start in life. This is an online program customized and individualized to each student where he or she has a mentor for life!

It’s clear that there are the doers and the talkers, the bosses and the employees, the leaders and the followers in life. College, while a great way to get an education is becoming more and more unpopular as younger generations are finding themselves with high amounts of debt, little job opportunity and no real experience to bring to the table.

As a former business student I was eager to learn everything I could to jumpstart my life as my own boss. Little did I realize how much I would learn on the front lines of life when I got in “the real world.” As an entrepreneur who has started and managed multiple businesses since I began my adult life, I have a tremendous amount of skills that universities won’t teach you. 

A big thing that formal education is lacking is not so much subjects like marketing or accounting but the interpersonal side of life and hence business. In the Academy I have created a curriculum to prepare young adults for not just logistical side of business but the life side that enhances our capacity to deal with things as they come.

Being an entrepreneur does not require a grand idea. The most important skill set needed is adaptability. Like anything else, we start with what we have and build from there. If you are like me and you know you are destined to be your own boss then this program is absolutely for you!

In this course you will learn:

  • Money Management (credit, and debt)

  • Executive Skills (being an organized efficient adult)

  • Universal Laws “You create based on your beliefs”

  • The Psychology of Self and Others (relationship building and emotional intimacy)

  • Communication, Conflict Resolution, Networking 

  • Your Personal Avatar/Archetype

  • The BIG vision and Purpose 

  • Leadership

  • Your Rights and Responsibilities (defined by the law)

  • Adaptability (mindset is everything)

  • Logistics (where, when, how to start a business and what kind)

  • Marketing, management, outsourcing (social media is a form of marketing)

  • Resourcing (investors, loans)

  • Taxes and basic economics 

  • Cost/Benefit analysis 

  • Long term financial strategies for independence and compounding wealth

This program is great for someone who has an idea or for someone who does not just yet and wants the tools when they are ready. Its a great way to fill a gap year or to enhance your profession and bring the business awareness to the table (ie a physician or teacher opening a ballet studio).

For more information, check out my bio on the main page, TheDharmicPath.com, my book, Leadinganintentionallife.com  or email me directly Paige@thedharmicpath.com